Koshi is mourning

The Koshi is mourning.
The death of thousands of her children
All young and old
Rich and poor
High and low
All her own children — whom she had loved , caressed ,hugged.
Koshi recalls the day —
Yes , August 18 it was in 2008.
But she can not remember the reason
Why she got so furious
So frenzied …..
Over her own beloved children !
She had thundered from the Himalya
Roared like a tigress
And breached the embankment near Kusaha —- the Nepalese land
And played her worst ever dance —
The Dance of Death ,which she
Had learnt from Lord Shiva ‘s Taandav.
Was there any insult caused to Koshi
By the mundane people?
Was she also carrying the corpse of her Paramour
On her shoulders?
And Koshi —- the mother Koshi turned into a demon
And devoured her own children
Men , women children when sleeping in deep slumber
Were inundated , alongwith their thatched roofs ,
People cried and asked — “O Mother Koshi !
What wrong have we committed ?
What is our sin?
Why this punishment ?”
But Koshi was deaf but not dumb .
She continued her dance and devoured ….
After one year
I can see the mother is mourning .
She mourns the death of her children .
But she is still looking blank into the sky
Lest she will strike again!
Will anyone tell when man will learn
The lessons of Nature?